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As the resident poet at EcoHealth Alliance, my verse finds inspiration these days in the spectre of future pandemics. For my dissertation at LMU's Amerika-Institut, I'm anatomizing the poetics of E. A. Robinson's sonnets. I also teach English at M√ľnchner Volkshochschule and lead the Amerikahaus Literary Circle.


It's Nice to See You

by Dean Kostos

It (lacks the wooden thud
of "d," can't sound like id,
the "t" more formal: a pair
of patent-leather shoes traipses glar-
ing linguistic halls, finite word.
Within those walls--not sad, not elated--
an inscrutable third
keeps pattering toward some unstated
destination, an impersonal voice
never heard, only the plosive noise
of tongue-tip to teeth, naming the pro-
noun arriving in the antechamber of no
antecedent where it)

Note:  A recitation can be heard here.

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