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Thanks to a residency at EcoHealth, my verse these days finds inspiration in the specter of future pandemics; for my dissertation at LMU M√ľnchen, where I tutor and edit circulars on poetics and composition, I'm anatomizing the prosody of Robinson's sonnets—I also teach at MVHS and lead the Amerikahaus Literary Circle.


Sonnets, Third Series 6

by Frederick Goddard Tuckermann

I look'd across the rollers of the deep,
Long land-swells, ropes of weed, & riding foam,
With bitter angry heart:  did I not roam
Ever like these? and what availeth sleep?
Or wakefulness? or pain? and still the sea
Rustled and sang, "Alike! and one to me!"
Ay! once I trod these shores too happily,
Murmuring my gladness to the rocks and ground;
And while the wave broke loud on ledge and reef,
Whisper'd it in the pause: like one who tells
His heart's dream & delight! and still the sea
Went back & forth upon its bar of shells,
Wash'd & withdrew, with a soft shaling sound,
As though the wet were dry, and joy were grief. 

Note:  A recitation can be heard here.

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