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As the resident artist at EcoHealth, I pen verse these days inspired by the specter of future pandemics; for my dissertation at Amerika-Institut of LMU München, where I edit a weekly circular on poetry, I'm anatomizing the prosody of E. A. Robinson's sonnets—I also teach English, tutor composition, and lead a literary circle.


Neue Wunder

von Rose Ausländer

Im Traumorient
vieltausend Nächte verbringen.

Mit Menschen und Dingen
Freundschaften schließen.

Neue Verse und
Wunder erfinden.

New Wonders

by Rose Ausländer,
translated by Mark Olival-Bartley

Spend many thousand nights
in the Orient of dreams

Close friendship
with people and things

Forge new verse
and wonders

Note:  A recitation can be heard here.

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