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Thanks to a residency at EcoHealth, my verse these days finds inspiration in the specter of future pandemics; for my dissertation at LMU München, where I tutor composition and edit a poetry weekly, I'm anatomizing the prosody of E. A. Robinson's sonnets—I also teach at MVHS and lead the Amerikahaus Literary Circle.



Dear family and friends,

By now, you've heard the horrible news: There were shootings at multiple locations this evening in Munich.  Laura and I are now safe at home; Janet, Laura's mother, is also now safe at home. The whole city is on lock-down: No public transportation; no taxis; no leaving of stores, restaurants, offices, and hotels. The U.S. consulate has sent a message to stay inside.

The response to the attack is very much on-going: Police vehicles are intermittently racing back and forth down our street, which, normally a thoroughfare, is otherwise completely empty; there was a helicopter above us not long ago; we also just learned the GSG9, the German counter-terrorist unit, has been deployed.  An hour ago, some thirty or forty Malteser ambulances went by, presumably to help out with the evacuations of the shopping center or Tollwood, a nearby outdoor festival in the Olympic Park.

We'll all learn more with the news, but, for now, know that we are safe. To all our friends in Munich, please take good care.


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